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About me

Welcome to this website designed to share my passion for arts.

If you want to know more about my career, see my biography and the few exhibitions in which I have participated recently. Also discover some of my creations in different techniques such as etching, chisel, linocut or infography.



Education in traditional engraving for 3 years at the Museum of Printmaking and Engraving in Gravelines (France)
Initial training in bibliophilic binding in Brussels with Vladimir Tchekeroul.




2019 : Enter into Art 2019, traveling exhibition, Germany.


2018 : engravings and digital images at the Lessedra gallery, Sofia (Bulgaria)

           Univers des Arts, Paris 8th

           Enter into Art 2018 traveling exhibition, Germany.


2017 : Thuillier gallery, Paris 3rd

           Espace Beaujon, Paris 8th


Please don't hesitate to contact me to share your thoughts or ask me questions.

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